Desktop Java
9:00 a.m.

Java is enjoying a renaissance on the desktop. This session discusses the reasons, including:

  • The issues that plagued early client/server projects or Java desktop applications have largely been solved, with Swing 1.4.2 and now Java Web Start
  • Java is becoming part of the default installation setup for many PCs vendors, such as Dell, HP, Gateway and others. 
  • SWT provides a set of rich native controls over and above those offered by AWT, and many Java developers are finding this a useful GUI toolkit to use in their end-user apps. 
  • HTML is no longer viewed as the only viable client for application development. Hybrid technologies now exist that combine the benefit of server side computing with a client GUI, including Ultra Lightweight Client, Droplets, jFlash, Macromedia Royale (now Flex), Asperon, thinlets and others.

This talk will look at the Java desktop space and discuss the issues and technologies, as well as discuss what is at stake if Java can and can't recapture its lost pride as a client platform.

About Joe Winchester
Joe Winchester, Editor-in-Chief of Java Developer's Journal, was formerly JDJ's longtime Desktop Technologies Editor and is a software developer working on development tools for IBM in Hursley, UK.

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